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Potential Kenya Safari Hunting Setback

Legislation that may have facilitated the reopening of safari hunting in Kenya was vetoed by Kenya President Mwai Kibaki in the last week of December, 2004. The bill amending Kenya’s Wildlife Act was introduced in Kenya’s Parliament and passed all hurdles between its publication in June and its final reading and passage on the 9th of December.

For the best scoop on the Wildlife Act Amendment see the Guest Editorial by Ian Parker, No Progress In Kenya, AFRICAN INDABA, Vol. 3, Issue No. 1, January 2005. AFRICAN INDABA is Conservation Force’s African e-newsletter produced by Conservation Force Board Member Gerhard Damm. It is available free of charge on Conservation Force’s website or from Gerhard directly. We advise you to try it. In fact, for a free e-mail subscription of African Indaba that is published six times per year just send an e-mail with the subject line “subscribe African Indaba” and your name and address details to If you are a conservation-minded hunter interested in African game conservation, there is nothing like it.

In Indaba Ian Parker advises in a Guest Editorial that under Kenya’s existing Wildlife Act safari hunting and even commercial cropping are already permissible. “They are only banned through the Minister’s and Director’s discretionary powers, which they have the discretion to reverse. No new legislation is needed.” Nevertheless, the Wildlife Act Amendment was represented by the Antis and the press as a hunting bill, and more speciously, as a bill to authorize safari hunting in Kenya’s national parks! Ian points out that the protectionists’ organizations’ oppositions to the amendment was specious. Also that “[i]n this case animal welfare is the tool for raising funds, but not the organization’s goal.”

Ian reports that the amendment was two-prong. It would have restructured the Kenya Wildlife Service and, second, it would have provided a compensation scheme for those damaged by ten listed big game species. The bill would not have directly authorized safari hunting of mammals or commercial cropping. It would have transferred such discretion to the community and lower level governmental infrastructure.

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