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The Ultimate Pronghorn Book

The definitive book on Pronghorn has been published by the Wildlife Management Institute. It is the Bible of Pronghorn that every serious hunter or conservationist of pronghorn must have. It is entitled PRONGHORN Ecology and Management by Bart W. O’Gara and Jim D. Yoakum. Thirty years in the making, the book contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the behavior, physiology, migration, taxonomy, management, and even hunting pointers of the pronghorn. It is 904 pages with 850 illustrations, 23 chapters and contributions of 10 other wildlife professionals.

The book is one more contribution to the world made by deceased Conservation Force Board Member Bart O’Gara. He also helped write PRAIRIE GHOST, Pronghorn and Human Interaction in Early America, by Richard E. McCabe, Bart W. O’Gara and Henry M. Neeves, also published in 2004 after his death. The Prairie Ghost is dedicated to Bart W. O’Gara and Jim D. Yoakum as “the preeminent pronghorn scientist of the twentieth century.” The dedication continues that “[f]ew other individuals or partners have had such a profound and impressive impact on the conservation and management of a North American big game species as have these two wildlife biologists.” Bart died just weeks before both books went to press. The dedication ends with the statement that “[w]e miss his savvy and friendship. And, whether they know it or not, so do pronghorn.” We here at Conservation Force miss him too and are mighty proud that he was a Founding Board member.

Books are available from University Press of Colorado.

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